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I don't want to be EVERYONE'S eye doctor ... just YOURS!

Medical Services:

We expertly manage Glaucoma, Dry Eyes, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular degeneration and Cataracts - just to list a few!

Full Service Optical

We offer a full line of designer and budget frames. Many optical shops fill their walls with duplicate frames no one would buy, to look like they have a greater selection than they actually do. All of our frames are carefully selected to fit particular face shapes and to satisfy your individual fashion tastes.

Custom Contact Lenses - Ferris Ortho-k Eye

Advances in digital design allow us to create lenses for keratoconus, corneal scars, poor corneal surgical outcomes just to name a few. If you have corneal damage and have been told that you could not be corrected without a corneal transplant, you need to come see us!

Ortho-k: THE NON-surgical Alternative to Lasik

We can design Ortho-k retainers for most any eye, in most any prescription. Gentle Vision correction - While you sleep!

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Myopia control is all the rage today!
We can design Ortho-k retainers to keep your kids' eyes from getting worse!

Glasses For Kids: